Friday, 11 December 2009

Kawasaki ZX10r extreme Ninja ZX modifications

Kawasaki ZX10r is amazing Ninja Kawasaki motorbike variant, this is Kawasaki ZX10r extreme Ninja ZX modifications. This is really great idea from Ninja ZX owner, i don't know what this kawasaki zx modifications idea, but looks like ninja for music system hobby. You can see at Kawasaki ZX10r extreme Ninja ZX modifications picture below what i talking about, Kawasaki zx10r with full speaker modifications, all ninja zx body and fairing on this kawasaki zx full with speaker extreme modifications, but still green ha.. ha.. very nice

Front fairing, body, rear look like mobile music dude... yeah maybe this kawasaki zx10r owner ver love music and motor sport modifications, i choice this bike to my favorite "Extreme Ninja ZX Modifications" this month.. great work and great idea for your ZX10r !!!


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