Friday, 10 August 2012

Usain Bolt Top Speed vs 50cc Motorcycles

Who is the fastest sprinter in the word today? He is Usain Bolt from Jamaica. In Olympic London 2012, He has become the fastest runner in the game, like the engine on the bike, He can run with full throttle and go so fast!! congratulations dude. Today, I have tried to find "how fast he can run?" and I found that Usain Bolt top speed can reach about 28mph (27.79mph), well he fast enough right? so I just want to know if Usain Bolt running side by side with a 50cc bike, which is faster? calm down it's only for fun ^_^.

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt, fastest runner today. pic courtesy :
Everybody can't touch him on the Olympic game, he run so fast and cool and be the real fastest runner in this planet, so I appreciated for this guy.

Usain Bolt also has world recorded with 9.58 secs for 100m and 19.19 for 200m, oh great acceleration huh.. and guys let see the 50cc bikes data below, can He beat it?

Usain Bolt vs 50cc Motorcycles
- Usain Bolt top speed : around just 28 MPH
- Vespa S50 4V : 39 MPH
- Piaggio Fly 50 4V : 39 MPH,
- and many other 50cc bikes reached more than 40 MPH

Actually, as soon as any man could run, but we can not beat the speed of a motorcycle even the fastest runner in the world Usain Bolt looks can not get past the speed of the 50cc motorcycles. The point is I grew to love the bike although it only has 50cc of engines capacity, the motorcycles always continue to provide many advantages for us, it always delivering us to the work place, party place even for long trips, so if you have any motorcycles, please not be arrogant motorcycle rider. I have seen many riders who riding with the "big engine bikes" looks so stupid, did they thinks that they bikes better than 50cc? I don't think so because the 50cc can beat the fastest man in the world.. ^_^. So keep brotherhoods guys and riding with safety. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, any human can accelerate much faster than any motorcycle or bike. I doubt a 50cc scooter could beat him in the 100m, I doubt most cars could either.

Secondly, a human can run over rough terrain, a scooter cant. 50cc scooters are lame. Just get an ex250 or a duel sport or something; they're about 10x more fun, trust me.

Admin said...

Thanks for your explanations.. the post just only for fun.. we can't comparing a human with any vehicles ^_^..

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