Sunday, 15 April 2012

Piaggio Fly 50 4V

Finally I posted about 50cc scooter bike from Piaggio, here is the Piaggio Fly 50 4V. Today, we can found many of scooters actually 50cc scooters in the market place, starting from Honda, Aprilia, Yamaha, and many more, the good news from it is all of this will give more choice for scooters lover, they can buy it by selecting the prices, performance design even the dimensions and today I want to write one of the Piaggio scooters and it's called Piaggio Fly 50 4V. As one of the latest scooters from Piaggio, Fly 50 4V 50cc scooters has comes with latest technology and the looks appears adopted modern style, this bike uses 50cc 949.9cc) of engine displacement, single cylinder SOCH, 4 stroke with 2 valves, with the engine like this, Piaggio Fly 50 4V produces 8.5 kW @7,750 rpm (at Shaft) of maximum power, 3.5 Nm @6,500 rpm of maximum torque with 39 mph of maximum top speed, it's good so far for riding everyday.

Piaggio Fly 50 4V

Piaggio Fly 50 4V has released with modern style, but you can still meet the classical style part on this bike, what is that? well based from my eyes, Piaggio Fly 50 4V equipped with rounded master lamp/head lamp, I give 2 thumbs up for Piaggio because the style of Piaggio Fly 50 4V looks better, it's modern style with classical blood.

The main features of this bike is cheap prices, the prices for Piaggio Fly 50 4V starting from $2199 (MSRP, based from Piaggio official site, April 2012), the prices looks interesting for me while it try to comparing with another 50cc scooters in the market such as with 2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F (Fuel-Injection edition) with $2,540 of prices, you save your money up to almost $300-$350!! but you will get the same 50cc engine scooters (with out Fuel-Injection).

Simple, compact, light of weight and comfort, it's also friendly motorcycles to ride, that is Piaggio Fly 50 4V 50 cc bike motor. Piaggio Fly 50 is complete entry level scooter for every one, the bike also powered by automatic transmission and 200 mm disc brakes on the front side for better safety ride, everything looks enough for all rider. So, if you looking for value 50cc scooter for your ride, Piaggio Fly 50 4V is one of the best for you, it's good looking scooter with friendly of prices, what a nice bike.


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