Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New Ninja 250 2013 Edition - Kawasaki Has Been Playing Very Well

When other motorcycle manufacturers are reportedly making a new motorcycle models, Kawasaki looks so calm and so silent!!, let see the new Ninja 250 2013 edition news right now, did you ever think that Kawi will reborn the Ninja 250? I don't thing so because we can't found many info about it, so today the new Ninja 250 generation has made a lot of motorcycle enthusiast was shocked except me as Ninja motorcycles fans, I also never thought that Kawasaki will give a new face and new design to the Ninja 250 bike, but all rider created an uproar !! it's all because after some time ago the Kawasaki Japan official website has shown recent pictures of the all new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 edition, I just want to say "Kawasaki has been playing very well!!", this is one of many think/reason why I love the Kawasaki brand, they are not much talk but they look a lot of work and again today they suddenly make the world motorcycle uproar!

New Ninja 250 2013

If you missed about this news, you can read more here (2013 kawasaki ninja 250r and here specs, price and release date), basically, the all new Ninja 250R 2013 has been born with many new things such as new main bodywork design, now it looks like Ninja ZX series model, the all new Ninja 250 also equipped with digital display, wider rear tire, new muffler/exhaust design, new crankcases, new piston and an all-new aluminum die-cast cylinder, you can found tons of new features from the new Ninja 250 2013 version, what an amazing 250cc bike from Kawi !!

Playing very well, that is the perfect words for Kawasaki right now, these situation has reminded me to the early arrival of Ninja 250 in 2008, when many motorcycle riders do not care about 250cc motorcycles, but with a big huge Kawasaki offer an amazing surprise by introducing a new 2008 Ninja 250 with a new design and new style, today it's almost the same, when many riders don't care (not yet care ^_^) about this baby Ninja and turn to the new Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki comeback to make many motorcycles look at Ninja 250R with new Ninja 250 2013.. perfect play and perfect strategy!! Good Job Kawi and we still waiting for the next surprise !!, keep riding safety guys.


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Ninja 250R FI 2013 has been released in Indonesia (1, August 2012), what about other countries? well let see soon.

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Yeah, please let us know ASAP when the Release Date for other countries is (Specially USA)

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