Friday, 31 August 2012

Analog VS Digital - Motorcycles Speedometer

Some motorcycle riders often care about the speed on their speedometer display part when they ride a motorcycle, why they do that? well this is very important for some riders because we as motorists have to pay more attention to the speed of the motorcycle for safety. There are interesting things that I want to tell at this post, but the first thing and important to know is the motorcycle speedometer has many kinds, and I would to categorize it on 2 types, analog speedometer and also the new tech digital speedometer, so which one is best?

If I have to tell the truth, I love the design of speedometer that clear appear and easy to read, whether it is digital or analog, both of speedometer are good if it has offering easy to read.

Analog speedometer - Classic looks and still awesome

When many motorcycles brand offering a new digital display, I still believe that many motorcycle rider still loving the analog display design, why? for me the analog display looks so elegant and "Man style", this speedometer type usually presented in classic motorcycles type or also in a new bike with classic design such as Triumph Bonneville T100 or also Kawi W800, both of bikes has comes with full classic style and you have to don't worry because if you want to try the bike like this, now it's also still already to buy (new edition also available in this year). Analog display is very easy to read and control, just watch the speedometer needle on your speedometer bike part and you will know the speed of your bike, easy huh?

Digital speedometer - Cool, modern and futuristic.

digital speedometer on 2013 Ninja 250

One of the reasons why people trying to buy a new motorcycles version is modern part features, let's take an example from new 2013 Ninja 250R edition, in 2008 this bike has comes with analog speedometer, what about the biker response? well the bike still loved by many riders so far and today while Kawasaki releasing the new Ninja 250 with new design and of course with new digital speedometer design, Ninja 250 looks better!!. Digital speedometer offers many good things such as modern design, futuristic and usually comes with smaller dimensions than the analog speedometer, all of this give new riding experience for some riders who need a cool modern bike. So.. which is better?

Well I voted for the analog speedometer type if you love the classical motorcycles style, and I also voted for digital speedometer if you need a new "digital experience" of speedometer and wanted a cool and modern bike style. Please remember, if you want to buy a new motorcycles, you can try to ride the bike and see more about the speedometer performance, is it easy to read or not? speedometer is very important motorcycles part for some riders, it's all about riding safety. Good luck.


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