Monday, 30 July 2012

Will Rossi Return to Yamaha for MotoGP 2013 Season?

Not good enough with Ducati, many MotoGP fans predicting that Valentino Rossi will return to Yamaha MotoGP team and ride the Yamaha M1 bike, so will Rossi return to Yamaha for MotoGP 2013 season? maybe yes maybe no.

Rossi Yamaha

First, Valentino Rossi has shown a ordinary performance at this season, even I can say it the bad moment for Rossi cause He can fight more with Lorenzo and Stoner, if Rossi and Ducati can not show more and better performance in the next race, I thing Rossi will think to leave Ducati and jump into another MotoGP team such as Yamaha or maybe go to Honda?

Valentino Rossi with Yamaha

We all know that Jorge Lorenzo showing the best performance with Yamaha today, He always be the best in e many MotoGP 2012 races, so if Rossi left Ducati and join with Yamaha, Rossi will become and be the second team at Yamaha, so will Rossi now accept this situation? as we know that Valentino Rossi was a great MotoGP rider, he has an excellent reputation so far and Rossi always occupy the number one position in a MotoGP team, so if he move to the Yamaha from Ducati, will he wants to become the number two after Lorenzo? I think it's hard to say yes.


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