Saturday, 28 July 2012

When Yamaha Jupiter Z1 meet the M1

Is a small motorcycle class could meet with the king of MotoGP bike? of course yes, here is the Yamaha Jupiter Z1 when meet the M1 (Yamaha YZF-M1). For all of you who just know the word "Jupiter Z1" might ask, what is Jupter Z1 bike?, Hope you know that the Yamaha Z1 is one of entry level class underbone motorcycles from Yamaha, this is a new bike from Yamaha and it has been released in Indonesia by Yamaha Indonesia some time ago. Yamaha Jupiter Z1 is the latest version of the New Jupiter Z bike, now the new Yamaha Jupiter Z1 equipped by Fuel-Injection system, offers you to get better low fuel consumption and better power, you can read more about it here - Jupiter Z1.

Back to the topic, here is when Yamaha Jupiter Z1 meet the M1 the King of motorcycles on MotoGP today, check this out.

Yamaha Jupiter Z1 and M1

Jupiter Z1 comes with 113.7cc engine, 4-stroke, 2 valve SOCH, single cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected, 4 speed transmission and produces 10.06 PS (7.4 kW) @7750 rpm of maximum power, while the Yamaha YZF-M1 comes with 1000 cc engine, Liquid-cooled, in-line, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke with 16-valve DOHC, Fuel-Injected, 6-speed transmission and produces 236 bhp of max power !!! M1 also offers 220 mph / 350 Km/h of maximum top speed, fantastic.

I know that it is not a fair comparison, but today I just want to show you how looks if the entry level bikes meet the real bikes, you have to know that Jupiter Z1 and M1 are Yamaha bikes and I thing both of bikes are beautiful motorcycles in it class, you can see on the pic, Jupiter Z1 also MotoGP graphics added, this is not the original Yamaha Jupiter Z1 graphics, but it is the special Yamaha Jupiter Z1 version for running at Yamaha MotoGP paddock, have fun.


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