Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Things From 2012 Honda Fury Chopper Bikes

Truly, I have posted about this bikes on March a few months ago and you will know that the 2012 Honda Fury is one of the futuristic Chopper bikes from Honda which it now ready to ride. Today we will see a few new things from Fury 2012 edition, before we try to discuss it, you have to know that the 2012 Honda Fury engine is still the same with the 2011 edition, so there is no much changes on the performance and engine out-put, lets get started..

What is the new things from the 2012 Honda Fury edition?

1. Fury come back with the Blue

In 2010, Honda has given the blue color variant to the Fury chopper series, but in 2011 Honda has eliminated this color from the list, but again the Fury with blue colors jump into 2012 edition and it has made me wonder why Honda come back to provide a blue color for the 2012 Fury edition? hmm is there any something? or many of Fury fans asked for the blue color series? I don't know but it's a good news for Chopper bikers who loved this color scheme.

2012 Honda Fury blue color

2. The seat height of 2012 Fury now higher

I don't think that it is a bad news for Fury fans, the all new 2012 Fury edition now higher of seat height than the 2011 Fury edition, the 2011 Honda Fury seat height has 26.7-inch of seat height while the 2012 Fury edition has 26.9-inch of seat height, not many changes but still it's still important for riders who very consider about low riders style, but for me it's still good and still in low seat height class.

3. Fury still lower fuel consumption

While I disappointed about the changes of Fury seat height, but I still loving the fuel consumption changes. As tourer riders we always care about our fuel on our tank, new 2012 Honda Fury now has 45 MPG of fuel consumption, I know that it is not as good as 2011 Fury fuel consumption with 46 MPG but it's still worth to try.

4. Pay $391 more to get a new Fury 2012 edition

Well, as usual the new motorcycles always comes with the new prices, also for 2012 Fury edition, this chopper bikes now offered cost about $13,390, it has more expensive than the 2011 edition with only $12,999 of prices and the 2012 Fury has $391 more than 2011 prices.

2012 Honda Fury Main Features : Chopper styling, 1312cc V-Twin Engine, Fuel-Injection, low-seat height, High-Tensile steel frame, long rake, unique wheels and tires, disc brakes and many more.

As you can see that there is no much changes from 2012 Fury edition, while the the colors variant, seat height, fuel consumption and the prices has changed, but I thing the 2012 Honda Fury is still the same with the 2011 edition, it's still good, still powerful, but more beautiful, what a unique chopper bike from Honda. Have a nice day.


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