Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ducati 1000 Sport Classic - Inspiring Motorcycles

Ducati Sport 1000Great classical motorcycles looks and strong engine performance are the most important things from Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic (or just call it as Ducati 1000 Sport Classic) motorcycle, it has inspired me to make my bike like this!! Ducati 1000 really inspiring motorcycles for me. Truly, all of this comes from Tron the movie which it has shown the Ducati Sport 1000 on many scenes, all of this has made me mad!! if you ever watch the Tron Legacy you will love this bike, truly I would like to modify my bike like the Ducati Sport 1000 or a Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic style/shape, I want to try from changing the head-lamp, rims and also the tires, maybe the suspension too. I know that today many of motorcycles brands offered many of new motorbikes but there is no many classical bike series with strong engine and I hate it, many of motorcycles rider still loving the classical style including me, because the classical bike is unique bike and the style will never die.

So lets looks first the engine of inspiring motorcycles today, Ducati 1000 Sport Classic equipped with a powerful engine, Ducati 1000 Sport is more than just a classic motorcycle, just imagine this bike has great performance, it has 92hp @8000rpm of maximum power!!, it's all comes from Ducati Desmodromic engine, 992cc of engine capacity, L-Twin cylinder, 2 valve per cylinder, air cooled, fuel injection and 6 speed transmission.

Okay, talk about the style of this bike which it has inspired me to pimp my ride like the Ducati 1000 Sport Classic style, Ducati 1000 Sport Classic is strong character as the streetbike type, I love the large diameter of front suspension of this bike, it has equipped with Marzocchi 43mm usd forks!! good looks as super streetbike and as one of classical bike, the rounded headlamp is must, this bike has equipped with it and the style is right.

Big Tires !! born with the 3.50 x 17 size of chromed steel rim and 120/70 17" tire size at the front side, this bike is actually ready to ride with high style, even you can found the 5.50x17 of chromed steel rim and 180/55 17" on the rear side!! the big tires motorcycles was here for you, the classical spoke wheels has make it as the real "old bikes style" for the Ducati 1000 Sport Classic, for your info, u can read more about specs of this bike here -> (Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic).

I have seen the Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic with lower handle bar position and looks so sporty, so here they are the inspiring and ideas for my Kawasaki Ninja bike of course..

- Replace the stock head-lamp with the rounded type
- Replace the stock Rims with the wider rims size
- Replace the stock Cast-Wheels with the Spoke-Wheels type
- Replace the stock tires with the larger/bigger tires size
- Reposition the handle bar and trying to get lower position

What about you? any idea? Hope my wife like it.. Enjoy.


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