Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A-TECH Ninja 250 Tank Pat (Pad) - Kawasaki Parts Accessories

Today, I have found the cool tank pad accessories for Kawasaki Ninja 250 series which it has come from A-TECH brand, it's not like a ordinary Ninja 250 tank pad products, it's awesome tank accessories and I love it so much. Guys, I actually don't know what is the real name for it but based from it has called as "A-TECH Tank pat TypeS", this is the Anti-tank pad clothes with stylish style by rubbing parts for your Ninja 250 bikes, here is the Ninja 250 part looks.

A-TECH Ninja 250 Tank Pat (Pad)

If I have to tell the truth, this Ninja accessories looks so good for all Ninja riders, we all know that the original Ninja 250 tank-pad just only protected in some area of the tank, but the A-TECH Tank pat TypeS looks can give the protection better than the original tank-pad accessories from Kawasaki official site.

Details :
- Product name : A-TECH Tank pat TypeS
- Fits : 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
- Material : FRP / Black
- Prices : USD $ 50.32
- Pics, prices and info VIA :

The standard Ninja 250R tank pad accessories prices has started from £20.95, you can see more Ninja parts here (Kawasaki 250 accessories), and the A-TECH Tank pat TypeS prices has started from USD $ 50.32, the prices between both of Ninja Fuel-Tank protector looks almost the same, so this is all about your fav style but if you need better protector for your Ninja tank, the A-TECH Tank pat TypeS is one of the best product in the market.

This products designed for 2008 Ninja 250R edition but we all know that the 2008 Ninja and Up ( so far 2012 Ninja 250 edition) is the same engine, same style and still the same body works, so it's no problem for other Ninja 250R (2008 and Up). Do you like this cool Ninja 250 tank pad? oh I love it so much. Good job for A-TECH, it's an ordinary accessories!!. Keep safety ride.


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