Friday, 4 May 2012

Honda NSR 125 Top Speed

Many of two-stroke motorcycles riders are speed freaks!! and I believe that they are known about Honda NSR 125 edition. So what is the Honda NSR 125 top speed? and why I post about it?. The first thing is "I'm speed lover and 2-stroke maniac", I love the 2-strokes motorcycles series such as Mito 125, Aprilia RS125, Ninja ZX-150KRR, Suzuki RGR and of course the Honda NSR series, 2-strokes motorcycles is monster bike and it has produces better acceleration and better top speed than 4-stoke engine in the same engine capacity class of course, as one of the charismatic motorcycles, Honda NSR 125 is not the best 2-stroke motorcycles but it still one of the best in it class, this is the main reason why I try to post about Honda NSR 125 top speed.

Honda NSR 125 - Get the amazing top speed from 125cc motorcycles !!

Honda NSR 125

Comes from Honda NSR 125 forum at, I got a trusted Honda NSR 125 top speed average from NSR 125 riders, so if you had an NSR 125 and never meet the maximum top speed like another NSR riders, you have to try it, but keep safety ride and just try it on the legal circuit, Here is the info of average Honda NSR 125 top speed, check this out.

Honda NSR 125 top speed
Data taken on May, 3, 2012 from Honda NSR125 JC22 sub-forum at

As you can see that the average of Honda NSR 125 top speed can touch 99MPH !! this is a amazing performance from the 125cc motorcycles, many of NSR voted that they can run with NSR 125 with top speed about 90MPH to 99MPH!!, even 5 NSR 125 rider can touch 120MPH!! what? !! great huh?.

Actually, I never touch the NSR series, unlucky me, but sometimes, if I meet the NSR 125 rider who want to sell his bike, I will to try to get it? why? because the Honda NSR 125 is one of the most beautiful 2-strokes motorcycles from Honda, it's a legend bike like the NSR 500 on the MotoGP. If you're already ride with this bike, you should better try the max top speed of Honda NSR 125 and give me a report here. Good luck for all of you guys and keep always safety ride.


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