Monday, 30 April 2012

New 2012 TVS Apache

The all new 2012 TVS Apache street bikes series now comes with new style and new color schemes, as one of the premium street bikes class from TVS motorcycles, the all new 2012 Apache looks better than the older edition, but is there any radical changes on this bike?

Actually, the new 2012 TVS Apache edition comes with great looks and I have to say that this is one of the good innovation from TVS, but I'm so sorry that you can't found many changes on this bike. Well, the new Apache series are TVS Apache RTR 160 and also Apache RTR 180, almost the same with the older edition, both of bikes still powered by the old engine type, the new Apache 160 produces 15.2 PS of maximum power while the Apache RTR 180 produces 17.03 PS of maximum power.

New 2012 TVS Apache

So what is the new features from 2012 TVS Apache RTR models? let see together. The all new edition reported equipped with ABS braking system, that is great and this bike also equipped with Pilot LED. Actually, the ABS braking system features is not a new thing on Apache bikes, as we know that TVS motorcycles also released ABS braking system features on the older edition of Apache series, but this is still a good way from TVS to get more riders fans.

2012 TVS Apache RTR

2012 Apache RTR
The fuel-tank of new 2012 Apache RTR series has been made with sharp style and cool design, the fuel-tank also equipped with the fairing parts at the both side, jump into the display panels, the new TVS also powered by digital instruments, and you can found the engine cover at the bottom side, nice. 2012 Apache RTR series reported will available in 4 colors variant, the colors (for Apache 180 type) are white, black, yellow and also grey, the ABS edition only available in 2 color variants, white and black, and for the Apache 160 edition the colors available are red, green, and grey, you have to know that the black colors comes as the main colors schemes. Did you learn something from it? yes the 2012 TVS Apache RTR now comes with many colors to choose, so if you feel bored with the white, yellow, black or also grey colors, for the 2012 edition TVS has added a new green colors decal for the Apache RTR series, nice to see it.

Well, the all new 2012 TVS Apache RTR series comes with good appears and love it so much, the features of this bike is good enough, you can found the ABS brakes edition, new colors schemes, new color, and many more, but there is no radical changes on this bike, as we know that their rival such as Bajaj with the all new Pulsar 200NS has comes with new design and many new things such as single rear shock suspension and that is amazing move from Bajaj to get more attention from riders. If you're one of the TVS Apache RTR lover, you have to wait the new 2012 Apache RTR series, it's better than the older series and I love the new green color on this bikes. Keep safety ride.


Anonymous said...

Head lamp is not good, rest of that evrything is fine,. but we need engine changes not outlook.

Admin said...

Yes TVS have to make a better headlamp style, replace the dual shock to the single/mono shock, the engine of new TVS Apache series actually has good enough, but we need more than a performance, we also need a nice style design from street-bikes.

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