Sunday, 22 January 2012

Honda FireBlade Evolution - Honda Motorcycles

When we trying to talk about Honda motorcycles, we will meet the "Honda FireBlade" edition, Honda FireBlade is one of sportbike type of Honda motorcycles that comes with awesome performance and cool sporty style. Based from New World Honda Motorcycles page on facebook, I found the FireBlade evolution that has showed all Honda FireBlade edition, started from 1992 Honda CBR900RR FireBlade to new 2012 Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade edition.

From Wikipedia (1992-2003 Honda FireBlade): The Honda Fireblade is a family of sport motorcycles manufactured by Honda since 1992. The first model was designed by Tadao Baba.

Evolution of FireBlade edition
CBR900RR, 1992–1995 = (893 cc)
CBR919RR, 1996–1999 = (919 cc, 95 kW, )
CBR929RR, 2000–2001 = (929 cc, 112 kW, Fuel Injection)
CBR954RR, 2002–2003 = (954 cc, 115 kW, Fuel Injection)

CBR1000RR main specs : DOHC, four valves/cylinder, Dual Stage Fuel Injection (DSFI), 6 speed transmission.

2004-2005 CBR1000RR : 998 cc, 111 kW
2006-2007 CBR1000RR : 998 cc, 118 kW
2008-2010 CBR1000RR : 999 cc, 133 kW, more HERE
2011 CBR1000RR : read specs HERE
2012 CBR1000RR : New features of 2012 edition, find more HERE

Here is the Honda FireBlade Evolution
Honda FireBlade Evolution
Images via Honda Page on Facebook

If I have to tell the truth, Honda FireBlade is one of the best motorcycles that has been made by Honda, it's full sportbikes species with high performance of engine. So do you have an FireBlade bike? what a type of your FireBlade?.

FireBlade is one of my recommended motorcycles for real motorcycles riders, so you can try it now and feel the monster engine from Honda.


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