Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Honda CB750

Honda CB750 - Classical Honda Motorcycles : When people talking about the latest motorcycles, I was always interested in their conversation, but sometimes I do not always follow them, like today, I remembered a classic motorcycle which has been manufactured by Honda a few years ago, the bike is named, "Honda CB750". Honda CB750 is one of Honda CB family which it comes with classical style and elegant looks appears. One of the CB series is Honda CB750, this bikes also has comes with many variant but the most important things is there is 2 version of CB750 edition, SOCH engine series and also DOCH engine series.

Today, we can found the all new CB series, there is Honda CB1000R with strong sport character motorcycles type, I thing it's not a next gen of classical CB style but okay it's better with 1000cc. CB1000R is street-fighter motorcycles with sport style, maybe the R label means it's not classic series but sport series, well who know?

Back to the CB750, basically, Honda CB750 has comes with 750cc engine class, SOHC air-cooled, straight four engine for 1969-1978 edition, and DOHC, air-cooled, straight-4 engine for 1979–2003, and 2007 edition. The engine produces more than 60hp of maximum power, and CB750 top speed can reach at 125 mph, well it's strong enough right?

Honda CB750
As you can see on the image, Honda CB750 has been born with classical motorcycles parts, peanut fuel tank style, rounded head-lamp, rounded turn-lamp, rounded mirror, classical exhaust/muffler and also the spoke-wheels type. CB750 is strong engine motorcycles with high classical motorcycles edition from Honda.

Well, Honda CB family is one of my favorite classical motorcycles from Honda, almost the same with Honda CB350 edition, CB750 also uses all "old style". Not all the CB750 comes with 100% classic style, Honda CB750 also already run with Honda CB750 Nighthawk edition and in 2207, Honda also has released the Honda CB750 special edition which it comes with DOCH four-valves engine and modern style but still with classic design. The Nighthawk hasn't same with older edition of CB750 edition, Nighthawk uses cast-wheels and not the spoke-wheels edition.
(pic and reference from Wikipedia)

Last, the Honda CB750 is beautiful motorcycles from Honda, but unfortunately I can't found the new edition for this bike, I can't found the 2012 edition for this bike at Honda official website, so if you want to ride even to buy this bike, you can buy it from used motorcycles store. So good luck for all of you.


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