Tuesday, 22 November 2011

12 Innovations of 2011 Honda CB1000R

2011 Honda CB1000R is stylish and strong performance street-bike, we're as motorcycle riders usually just looking the style or performance bikes, actually, the innovations or also appearance is important. For some riders, this points can be the number one points before they ride a new bike. I like the unique motorcycles, unique can be the means "it's different with other motorcycles", today if you like the Honda CB1000R, you can see all things than 2011 Honda CB1000R can give to you, here is the 12 innovations of 2011 Honda CB1000R

2011 Honda CB1000R
As a motorcycle rider, I would like to give some opinions for all of you about this 2011 Honda CB1000R. For the design area, 2011 Honda CB100R was performed almost perfectly, comes without a fairing, this bike seemly very appropriate to run in the city with simple and lighter weight than CBR series with fairing style. The fuel tank style and rear shape looks so nice, strong looks with sharp shape combinations has makes this 1000cc motorcycles better than another 1000cc in the market. Don't ask the engine, 2011 CB1000R is 1000cc motorcycles with it basically from CBR1000RR engine but it's remapping for better torque, can you see that? CB1000R is strong bike with good torque performance, it's good bike for stop-and-go situations such as in the city.

12 Innovations of 2011 Honda CB1000R
  1. Engine : Uses a 998cc inline-four engine type, it's come from CBR1000RR but it's better torque and also better power in the mid-range.
  2. Fuel Injection : 2011 CB1000R powered by PGM-FI that makes good throttle response in the middle and also high rpm
  3. Four-into-one Exhaust Style / type, it's for increase the performance and perfect exhaust sound.
  4. Nice muffler style with "Low-Boy", it's makes better handling caused the silencer has shorted and moved closer in to the center of engine
  5. Pro-Link rear suspension
  6. Single-sided swing-arm : Cool looks with low and easy maintenance
  7. Gravity die-cast aluminum mono-backbone frame : Strong Chassis technology
  8. Adjustable 43mm inverted fork
  9. Adjustable brake and clutch levers
  10. All digital instrumentation
  11. Unique Led light in the bottom of headlamp area
  12. Radial front brake calipers with 310mm of disc size
  13. More specs here - 2011 Honda CB1000R specs

You have to know that CB1000R have been awarded as one of 10 the best motorcycle from motorcycles.com, you can read it in my previous post here (top 10 2011 motorcycles). The great thing from this bike is strong engine with simple sharp design. If you want to buy the 1000cc motorcycles without fairing style, the 2011 Honda CB1000R with 12 innovations on the bikes can be the one of the best choice for you, remember, it's 1000cc bike with inline-4 engine, the power and also the sound are amazing.


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