Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Holiday for Motorcycles Riders

Happy Holiday !!! Now, we will meet the ending of this year. I am as owner of this blog want to say "happy totally holiday" for all of you who always visiting this Kawasaki ninja 250R and motorcycles blog. So what should we do for spending our time in this holiday moment?. Well, lets starting from my plans, I usually spending my holiday time with visiting my older family and of course riding with my lovely motorcycles, the distance usually is not so far, well it's around approx 50km, or the longest distance is around 150km, it's fun cause we can meet with our big family in the great holiday moment, and we can try to ride our bike in the "long trips distance" experience. So have you ever riding with your motorcycles in holiday time?.

Actually we can doing another things, such as going to the party with our motorcycles club members, or going to the beautiful place, long trips, playing motorcycles games on PS3, XBox or PC with our friends, and anything else. Do you have a son? have you ever asking him to buy a motorcycles?, it's because in the holiday time, motorcycles dealers usually give more interesting discount and yes your son will like it. There is many motorcycles for kids, so just ask your kids what he want to ride.

Well, if I have to tell the reality, holiday is the best moment for doing many things with our friends, it's because we can meet lot of our friends is this time, and you can visiting their home with your bikes and share your life story so far to them.

Holiday, motorcycles and family are the 3 words that always make me fun, i don't know why but I thing the Man always love the iron horse, family, and of course the holiday time. When I feel so bored with my activity, my bikes and my family has always make me smiley, and thanks for that. So what about you? have you a plan in this holiday moment? if you haven't any plan, you can try to ride with your motorcycles and going to your family or your friend and get's more fun in there. Well, happy holiday and enjoy your days !!


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