Sunday, 4 December 2011

2012 Suzuki Inazuma 250 Price £3,500 - Worth It ?

Well it's look very interesting, the all new Suzuki Inazuma price reportedly will available with price around £3,500, or we can convert it to US dollar will be 4,646.25 USD (On Des, 2011), it's look very very close to CBR250R and also Ninja 250R, and the question is, "Is Suzuki Inazuma worth to buy? worth it?". Guys, if you never know about the all new Suzuki Inazuma 250, you can read first here (2012 Suzuki Inazuma). This bike has powered by 250cc and it's no fairing motorcycles from Suzuki, like a Suzuki B-King series, Inazuma Suzuki looks so strong and muscle, it's stylish and elegant 250cc entry level street-bike from Suzuki.
2012 Suzuki Inazuma
Back to the prices, let see the competitors.
- 2012 Suzuki Inazuma 250 price : £3,500
- 2011 Kawasaki ninja 250r price : $4,199
- 2012 Kawasaki ninja 250r price : $4,499
- 2012 Honda CBR250R price : $3,999

The prices of new 2012 Suzuki Inazuma comes from news, Monday 21st November, and the Ninja 250R and CBR250R price comes from Kawasaki official website and Honda motorcycles official website. So.. as you can see, if the price of 2012 Inazuma 250 is truth, I thing it's too hard for Suzuki to beat the CBR or also Ninja 250R, why? the price is too close !!, it's better that Suzuki release the prices for under $4000 even under $3,999 as Honda CBR250R price.

Honda CBR250R
250cc, DOCH, single cylinder, 4 valve / cylinder, liquid-cooled, Fuel Injection, 6 speed transmission, ABS edition ready, full sport fairing style.

Ninja 250R
250cc, DOCH, parallel Twin engine, liquid-cooled, 6 speed transmission, carburetor, full sport fairing.

Suzuki Inazuma 250
250cc, SOCH, in-line 2 cylinder engine, liquid-cooled, 6 speed transmission, no full body fairing, it's street bike.

I just want to remind you that the price of new 2012 Suzuki Inazuma 250 is not yet available from Suzuki official site, so everything still can happen and I hope Suzuki will give the reasonable and friendly price for their fans. Still waiting for official price, let see it on the next post and enjoy your ride.


speed said...

£3,500? yes it worth the money

what Suzuki offered on the bike is good, and by the way the bike also has an amazing look.

for the topspeed, you can't expect much from a 250cc bike, no matter it has SOHC or DOHC bike, but of course DOHC are better than SOHC in term of perfomance.

as what has been said from the guys at Suzuki, the bike is meant for newcomers, to be used in town for easy ride. but that doesn't it's not realiable for long distance ride. this is where the big displacement plays an important role.

anyway, nice post bro..

Admin said...

@Speed : Well that's great explanation brother. I know that Suzuki has great move with Inazuma 250, the engine also looks enough for all new beginner riders and I agree with your comment. But the question is "Can Inazuma beat another 250cc bike?". Well i thing the most important to do this is prices strategy. Good engine, beauty style / design is number #2 for some riders when they want to buy a motor-bikes, and the number #1 is price. Well thanks for your opinion.

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