Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Honda Innova 125 - Beginners Motorcycles for Women Riders

Honda Innova 125 is one of the light weight 125cc beginners motorcycles for women riders, it's come with simplicity, comfortable ride, easy to ride, and easy handling. When a Man ride a strong engine sport bike, Women riders usually looking for simple bike with easy to ride, and here is Honda Innova 125, one of the best beginners motorcycles for women.

The most important keys for beginners motorcycles for women is friendly engine power, light weight, low seat height, and simple design. Let see the engine of Honda Innova 125, this bike comes with only 125cc of engine capacity and also powered by Honda PGM-FI, the Innova 125 engine delivery a smooth power and it's just 6.84kW of maximum power, so don't worry about the power, it's enough for riding every day with smooth acceleration.

Honda Innova 125 has 778mm of seat height and has 105.5kg of weight, as you can see that Innova 125 is friendly 125cc beginners motorcycles for women riders. The seat height and weight is not problem for almost all beginner riders even i thing for young people who want to learn about motorcycles riding.
Honda Innova 125
For easy starting ride, Honda Innova 125 also comes with manual kick and electric starting, so women don't confuse about the simplicity of this bike. For safety ride, Honda Innova 125 also powered by front disc brake while on the the rear side still uses drum brake series, I thing it's enough for 125 cc bikes.

Prices? well it's just only around £2,270 and it's cheap enough for 125 cc motorcycles. You can read more about specs, colors of this bike here (Honda Innova 125 specs). So ladies,, are you ready to ride a motorcycles? it's Honda Innova 125, one of the best and friendly motorcycles for women.


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