Saturday, 15 October 2011

Riding a motorcycles with your special person

Riding a motorcycles with your special person
Guys.. don't so serious for your life let gets some fun things !!, sometimes, we fell bored with our daily activity, riding a motorcycles alone, or riding a car with bored city situation, so how to get a new thing for our riding experience with our lovely motorcycles? I have to tell the truth, are you ever ride with your girlfriend or who will be your special person? so what have you felt? is it fun right?. Riding a motorcycles with our special person is not a new thing, but for some riders, motorcycles is 'Man toy" so the girls can't following it, but it's wrong and absolutely wrong, did you know that in out side there a lot of lady bikers? even girl who be the motorcycles racer !!

So, When the best time to ride a motorcycles along with our special person? well I thing Saturday night and Sunday are the right time for riding together. If you are married, riding a motorcycle with your wife looks an interesting thing, you can invite her to the place that fulled with your sweet memories, or it could to the a beautiful place, such as to the Mount, enjoying the evening together and accompanied by the stars, nice day yeah? Sometime we need a different situation a new riding experience, we usually ride with motorcycles group or with our friends, but thing different guys.. don't forget to invite your special one and ride with her !!

What a perfect to do it? well all type of bikes!! if you have Harley Davidson cruiser motor-bike, you can ride it with great style, comfortable, or if you have Super-sport bike such as Yamaha R1 or Honda CBR1000RR, you can still enjoy it and get a fast run riding moment with your special person. But for me, there is one bike that can make more fun, what is that? scooter motorcycles, you can see the Honda Vision as sample.
2011 Honda Vision
Riding a motorcycles with your special person looks perfect with scooter motorcycles, cute motorcycles, comfortable riding, nice a low bike sounds, practical, even your special person can be the drivers, cause the scooter is easy motorcycles to ride. So what about? want to do that? come on.. life is fun .. do more.. and keep it more fun with more riding experience. Good luck and alwasy remember.. safety ride !!. Enjoy guys..


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