Monday, 31 October 2011

Ducati Monster 795 VS Monster 696

Is Ducati Monster 795 better than Monster 696? well, if we see the engine capacity, the all new Ducati Monster 795 has totally better and has larger than Ducati 696, but is the power also different? how far the performance difference between Monster 795 VS Monster 696? let see together.

Ducati Monster 795 - Engine and Performance
Comes with 803 cc of engine capacity, 6-speeds, l-Twin cylinder, 2 valve, fuel-injection, Ducati monster 795 claimed has 64kW @8250 rpm of maximum power and 78 Nm – 8 kgm @6250 rpm of maximum torque, can you see it? it's just better for around under 10kW than Ducati Monster 696.

Ducati monster 795

Ducati Monster 696 - Engine and Performance
Well let see the older one, it's Ducati monster 696, this Ducati mini bikes powered by 696cc of engine capacity, 6-speeds transmission, l-Twin cylinder, 2 valve per cylinder Desmodromic, fuel injection. As you can see, there is only engine capacity that has different with monster 795, so how about Monster 696 power and performance? well this bike claimed has 58.8kW – 80hp @9000rpm of maximum power and 7.0kgm – 50.6lb-ft @7750rpm of maximum torque.
Ducati monster 696
Unfortunately, Ducati monster 795 will only be marketed in the Asian region, so if you are planning to buy this bike, you have to work harder and think about how to import this bike from the Asian region. If we look into 795 monsters and monsters 696 style, both of Monster has a similar appearance, everything looks the same, we just can found that a monster 795 has a more powerful engine than the monster 696. Do not think of a pessimist, if I am given 2 choices, I would take a monster 696, why? as we seen from the performance specs above, the difference is not too far that only a few kW (hp) only, Monster 795 has 64 kW while Monster 696 has 58.8 kW

So.. which is better? Ducati Monster 795 VS Monster 696 ? the answer is Ducati Monster 795, but both of bikes are great value to performance as street bikes with Ducati blood, read more specs of this bikes here (Ducati Monster 795 specs). The points are Ducati has give more Monster variant to the riders, and now the lucky riders are Asian riders, it's a good job and great way from Ducati Italy to make larger Ducati motorcycles community in around the world.Thumb's up!!


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