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Did You Know - Kawasaki Motorcycles History

Did you know about Kawasaki motorcycles history? are you Kawasaki riders? if yes, you should better know more about your motorcycles brand. Kawasaki as one of the best motorcycles manufacture has released a lot of motorcycles type or series, we can easy to find the Kawasaki bikes on the road also on the motorcycles dealers.
Kawasaki Ninja
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Kawasaki widely known with Ninja series, the Ninja's is sport race style motorcycles with great engine and awesome style. Guys, here is the short information of Kawasaki motorcycles history.

Kawasaki Aircraft initially manufactured motorcycles under the Meguro Works name, but later formed Kawasaki Motor Sales. Some motorcycles display an emblem with "Kawasaki Aircraft" on the fuel tank.

During the merger in 1962, Kawasaki engineers were engaged in the development of a four-stroke engine for small cars which ended in 1962 with some of the engineers transferred to the Meguro Works to work on the Meguro K1 and the SG, a single cylinder 250 cc OHV. In 1963, Kawasaki and Meguro merged to form Kawasaki Motorcycle Co.,Ltd. Kawasaki motorcycles from 1962 through 1967 used an emblem which can be described as a flag within a wing.

Work continued on the Meguro K1, a copying of the BSA A7 500 cc vertical twin. and on the Kawasaki W1. The K2 was exported to the U.S. for a test in response to the expanding American market for four-stroke motorcycles in which case it was rejected for a lack of power. (Kawasaki Museum). By the mid-1960s, Kawasaki was finally importing a moderate number of motorcycles. The Kawasaki H1 Mach III in 1968 along with several enduro-styled motorcycles to compete with Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda increased sales of Kawasaki units. (quoted from Wikipedia HERE - Link Source)
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

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Truly, there is not only available Ninja series, Kawasaki also known as strong Enduro motorcycles, the bikes is KLX series, you can also found more Kawasaki series such as Kawasaki KLR, Vulcan series (cruiser touring), Kawasaki ER series, Ninja's family, and others.


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