Friday, 14 October 2011

Ducati Hypermotard VS Jim Carrey - Yes Man Scene

What will happen if a funny guy Jim Carrey trying to ride a Ducati Hypermotard motor-bike? the answer is awesome riding!! If you ever seen and watch the Yes man the movie, you will know it. This should better be a words "Jim Carrey Ducati Hypermotard" hah.. Truly I love a motorcycles riding scene on every movies, the bikes looks more beautiful. On this movie, Jim Carrey who has helped his friend to get a Ducati Hypermotard bikes by financing, try to meet a girl, so Jim borrow a Ducati Hypermotard from his friend, and then He ride a bike on the city.. it's look funny with stunt riding.. watch the scene below, or if the video doesn't appear, you should better check it on Youtube.

As you can see, that is Ducati Hypermotard. the bike has more than 80hp of maximum power and the prices below $10,000.00. Back to the movie, truly, there is 2 interesting motorcycles in this movie, the bike is scooter motorcycles who ride by the Jim Carrey girl friend (on the movie), and the second motor-bike is Ducati Hypermotard. I don't know what a scooter type and brand but the most interesting is Ducati bike i guess. Well that it's. Nice bike Jim !! try to use motorcycle jacket later..


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