Thursday, 6 October 2011

2012 Yamaha FZ1 - Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha has been showing the latest Yamaha FZ1 series, there is 2012 Yamaha FZ1. 2012 Yamaha FZ1 is the ultimate street brawler from Yamaha motorcycles brand. You have to know that Yamaha FZ1 is not full sport-race with fairing style such as R1 or R6, but it's come with street-motorcycles style, great engine with almost 1000 cc (998cc), DOCH 20-valve, fuel-injection, liquid cooled inline 4-cylinder with 6 speed transmission. Power and also performance is great for riding every day, touring, long trips even for test your adrenaline. 2012 Yamaha FZ1 completed with comfortable handlebar and it's mean perfect bikes for long ride.
2012 Yamaha FZ1
The ultimate street motorcycles : with 1000cc, this bike looks better for long ride, you can beat all the way with strong power of 1000cc motorcycles. The style and design looks compact, as you can see, 2012 Yamaha FZ1 is not full street also not full race fairing style, on the head lamp, 2012 Yamaha FZ1 uses half fairing, what it's for? control the wind and for better stability when you ride in the high speed such as in the high way.
2012 Yamaha FZ1 white colors
2012 Yamaha FZ1 features :
- 998 cc DOCH 20 valve inline-4 engine
- Fuel Injection
- Light and strong aluminum frame
- Comfortable handle bar position
- 43mm fork - Adjustable Suspension
- 4-into 2-into 1 short-style exhaust system
- Exhaust powered by : Exhaust Ultimate Power valve (EXUP®)
- Narrow-angle five-valve combustion chambers
- Carburized connecting rods with fracture split big ends
- Cast aluminum frame
- Dual 320mm floating discs with 4-piston calipers of front brakes
- Light, five-spoke wheels and fat radial tires
- Seat Height : 32.1 in
- Fuel Capacity : 4.8 gal
- Half-cowl fairing design
- High-tech instrument display
- Two-piece seat for better and comfortable riding

One of the best motorcycles combination between street and touring motorcycles style from Yamaha. 2012 Yamaha FZ1 is good motorcycles if you want to ride dual function bikes. If you looks more closer, 2012 Yamaha FZ1 comes with simple style, if there no half fairing on FZ1, this bike will be the muscle street bike and I thing it's great. Can we replace the half fairing part? well I haven't try it. The key point from 2012 Yamaha FZ1 is light frame, strong 1000cc DOCH 20 valve engine, comfortable, and it's unique bike with half fairing. You can use it for riding on the city and no problem in the high way or touring. great bikes.


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