Monday, 15 August 2011

KTM Duke 125

It's cool and strong bike !! KTM Duke 125 is 125 cc street-bike from KTM, KTM Duke motorcycles was reportedly that this is the collaboration between the KTM (Austria) and Bajaj (India), and as we all know, Bajaj has more than 30% shares of KTM. Let see what is "KTM Duke 125". Guys.. Duke 125cc is entry level street-bike, this is awesome street-looks design bike with hi-tech engine features such as liquid-cooled and also DOCH engine type, when other bikes uses SOCH or air-cooling system and 4 or 5 speed transmission, KTM Duke 125 comes with more than it !! It's great motorcycles in the 125 cc class.
KTM Duke 125 cc
KTM Duke 125 is enough for beginner motorcycles riders, you know guys.. this KTM Duke has strong power, Duke 125 produced 11 kW or 15 PS at 9,500rpm of maximum power, and also 12 Nm at 8,000rpm, not bad for 125cc right? Even it's better power than another 125cc motorcycles in the market
KTM Duke 125
Here is KTM 125 Duke Features
- 125cc, 4-stroke
- DOCH Engine
- Liquid-Cooled
- 11 kW or 15 PS at 9,500rpm of Max. Power
- 12 Nm at 8,000rpm of Max. Torque
- Six speed transmission
- Cast aluminum wheels
- Disk brakes on the front and Rear.

KTM Duke 125 will be / has been marketed in the European region, while for the Asian region, KTM and Bajaj reportedly will make the Duke that has bigger engine capacity than the KTM Duke 125. from the the news that circulating in the Web, the KTM-Bajaj will make Duke 200 for the Asian region, hmm this is very interesting, and they are looking seriously to throw the a Duke motorcycle family to the Asia market, and They looks more than 125 cc for the Asian region.

Well, basically KTM Duke 125 is good bike, great design and looks appears, strong 125cc DOCH engine, liquid-cooled and nice street-bike style, everything about beginner motorcycles is here in Duke 125. KTM and Bajaj has successfully created a motorcycle with a very attractive appearance, a perfect collaboration between appearance, performance and of course the price for one 125cc motorcycles and yes 125cc cheaper than 250cc or more large cc of bikes, it's good for beginner also for us. Great bike !! 2 thumbs Up for KTM and Bajaj !!


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