Thursday, 25 August 2011

"Kawasaki Ninja 250R" - Best Selling Sport-Bike in American

First, congratulation for Kawasaki for their Ninja 250R success in the American motorcycles market. Guys, we all know, in 2008, Kawasaki has been completely change the face of old series ninja 250r to the all new 2008 Kawasaki ninja 250r, and they have managed to get an award as the best motorcycle for beginners. Now after 3 years of presence in the 250cc sport-bikes market, Kawasaki ninja 250r motorcycle found to be sufficient interest , why does not?, according to the news on the other motorcycles web -, Kawasaki ninja 250r motorcycle has become a best selling sportbike in America, premises sales of nearly 10,000 units within 12 months.
Kawasaki ninja 250r sport-bikes
"Kawasaki Ninja 250R" is the right beginner motorcycles with affordable prices, today, the prices of Ninja 250R is around $ 4K, with this prices, you can bought the 250cc motorcycles with 2 cylinder, DOCH, liquid-cooled and yes it's light full sport fairing motorcycle from Kawasaki. Is there no rivals for Kawasaki 250? there is available, for example all new Honda CBR250R and also Hyosung GT250R. Kawasaki 250 looks still better than another 250cc motorcycles, maybe this is one of the reasons and why Kawasaki become the best selling motorcycles in American right now.

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Hi, I own a 250r in Australia and its no suprise it has won awards all over the world for best selling bike in its class. It is an overall great bike for new riders with lots of potential for modification. You can see some Examples in my blog 2009ninja250r Modifications.

Admin said... congratulation for you.. Ninja 250R bike is not a bad choice, but N250R is the best choice for 250cc sport-bike until today.. and good luck for your Ninja 250R modified

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