Saturday, 30 July 2011

Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo Dyno Test - 636 HP !!

Did you ever meet the Hayabusa Turbo series in the roads? well in this video, Hayabusa has 636 HP of maximum power !! it's from Dyno test result. Guys.. What is the fastest bike from Suzuki motorcycles series? that is Hayabusa. This bike was popular in riders mind and yes, I'm as Kawasaki lover also liked this bike. Hayabusa is premium motorcycles from Suzuki, power and also looks appears so amazing !

Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo Dyno Test 636 HP !!

No time for slow motorcycles, it's time for real speed lover, I think Suzuki Hayabusa is not for beginner rider, I mean you have to learn more about riding motorcycles or have more riding experience before you ride this monster motorcycle from Suzuki. If you want to try the turbo kit for Suzuki Hayabusa, I have written about this Suzui Parts here (Hayabusa Turbo Kit from Hahn Race Craft).

We know that we can find more powerful Hayabusa motorcycles in the outside there, but in this video, Suzuki Hayabusa with Turbo Kit has 636 HP on dyno test is good enough for speed riders to try their adrenaline, but once again keep safety ride, don't try this at home if you are not the expert riders.
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