Thursday, 14 July 2011

Honda CBR250R - 30,000 units in the first year

Honda, as the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, has targeting 30,000 units of Honda CBR250R in India in the first years. As we know, Honda released the all New Honda CBR250R in a few months ago, CBR250R is global product and this year is the first time Honda bring the all new 250cc full sport fairing motorcycles for global market.
Honda CBR250R
"We plan to sell 30,000 units of CBR 250R across India in the first year," Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Vice-President (Sales, Marketing and Corporate Affairs) N K Rattan told reporters here after unveiling the motorcycle. Via

Actually, this is not a difficult target for Honda, we know that Honda has already a good reputation in the motorcycles area, everyone has know the Honda motorcycles product, if you're a fan of sport bikes, the CBR is one of many type of Honda's family that very well known.

Powered by 250CC of engine displacement, full sport style bike, fuel injected, Honda CBR250R is a good bike for beginner riders, young people even for woman. But wait.. rival that must be faced is Kawasaki motorcycles, Kawasaki has Ninja 250r, and Ninja 250r has been present beforehand in India, so Honda must be carefully and give more advantages than Kawasaki.

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