Monday, 11 July 2011

Cheap Kawasaki Ninja Bikes

I often find the question "cheap Kawasaki ninja bikes" on this blog, so.. today let see the answer for this, and I hope the readers will not to ask again. Cheap ninja bikes, that is the question, and the answer is "defending your money and your need", I mean if you want to ride a real Kawasaki ninja bikes, and you have much money, and thinks that $14,000 is cheap enough for you, you should better check the premium Ninja series such as Ninja 1000 or ZX-10R, but if you thing cheap is around $5,000, you should better check the Ninja bikes with only 250cc or 500cc. Ninja 500R and also Ninja 250R is one of my favorite bikes from Kawasaki, powered by medium engine features, Ninja 500r and Ninja 250R is almost perfect for beginner rider with friendly prices, both of bikes prices below $5,000, and it's perfect cheap Ninja bikes for me.
Cheap Kawasaki Ninja Bikes - Ninja 500R
2009 Kawasaki ninja 500r prices started at $4,999
Cheap Kawasaki Ninja Bikes - Ninja 250R limited edition
Ninja 250R limited edition

Kawasaki has Ninjas family, but the best value and friendly prices is Ninja 250R. Kawasaki ninja 250r prices started at $3,999 (on July 2011 at, Kawasaki 250 comes with 250cc of engine capacity, DOCH, 2 cylinder and yes full sport fairing design, is it not enough for you? I thing you can do anything with this Ninja series, touring, long trip, or riding every day, Ninja 250R also comes with friendly handling and light weight. So guys.. you already know the answer, if you need more power or performance, you should better check another cheap Ninja bikes, there is Ninja 500R, Ninja 500R is not available in 2011, but you can still find the 2009 edition.

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Good luck and happy hunting..


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