Monday, 28 February 2011

Cheap motorcycles does't mean Bad - Part 2

Here is the next part of my "Cheap motorcycles does't mean Bad" article. (read firsts cheap motorcycles part 1) Guys.. if you are a rich Man, you will not be a headache when choosing a motorcycle, but if you care about the price of a motorcycle, you must be smart to choose a motorcycle.

1. Choose a motorcycle as you needed:
Cheap motorcycle which is identical with ordinary qualities, the word "regular price" according to each person is different. I often meet my friends, when I asked "why you buy this bike?" they usually answer, "because it's cheap", but when I asked "Do you know the quality of this bike?" few of those who know the quality of motorcycles that they are buying. You must to know that "choose a motorcycles as you need !! is more important than anything. Example, if you just only need a simple motorcycles, 50cc bike motor is useful for daily activity

2. Note the location of a motorcycle dealership.
if we buy a motorcycle, we must consider the location of a motorcycle dealer that will we buy a motorbike. Buying a bike means that you must be prepared to care for your ride, the location of a nearby dealer make you easier to perform routine service motorcycles, we do not want to go away for just only to perform routine service is not it? see more here "choose a good motorcycle dealers"

3. do not be fooled by the expensive price
sometimes, everybody thinks that an expensive bike that's good bikes, and a cheap motorcycle, that's ugly and lack of quality. If you are asked to choose a motorcycle, you must be wise in selecting, pricing, quality, comfort, location of dealers, performance, it is a few things you should consider before buying a motorcycle. If you note, a lot of motorcycle worth very different, but a top speed the is almost same ,here I will not mention brand motorcycle , it's just, if I noticed ,there are some motorcycles that costs $ 5000,has a top speed almost the same with a motorcycle worth more than $ 10,000 !! (still.. to be continued)


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