Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 0-60

How fast the Kawasaki ninja 250r 0-60 speed time? well let see together. When we are going to buy a motorcycle, we'll look at the speed of the motorcycle. There are important things that we usually see, because we will use it for daily riding and the acceleration must be good. Now, let's see, how fast the real ninja 250r from 0 to 60? from many of source, there is no the same value, but almost, for example from motorcycle-usa, Kawasaki ninja 250r can beat 7.7-second for 0-60 mph, but we must compare it with another source right?
Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Wait, is 7.7 second for 0 to 60 fast enough for you?. Truly, I have written about speed of this bike, you can read here (ninja 250r top speed). From Kawasaki motorcycles forum at (kawasakimotorcycle.org) I found the Ninja 250R riders can beat 7.72 seconds, well it's not so far with motorcycle-usa test and I thing the result time defending the riders who ride their Kawasaki 250r. So the Kawasaki ninja 250R 0-60 is around at 7 seconds, and it's not bad for 250cc motorcycles, I hope this information can help everyone who want to buy the Kawasaki ninja 250r motorcycles, don't forget to search by self more info about it.

See also Kawasaki ninja 250r mpg. Have a nice day..


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