Sunday, 12 June 2011

Honda Crossrunner ready in 3 Colors

Honda Crossruner is adventure motorcycle type from Honda, today, I found the 3 colors for this Honda Crossruner edition (2011). There are no special colors for all rider, they just ready 3 color, red, black and also silver white. Let see.. it's comes from Honda UK motorcycles official website

1. Honda Crossruner - Red Color
Red Honda Crossruner
2. Honda Crossruner - Black color
Black Honda Crossrunner
3. Honda Crossrunner - Silver White color
Silver Honda Crossrunner

More resource :
- Honda Crossrunner specs
- Honda Crossruner in Milan

Honda Crossrunner come for adventure motorcycle riders, it's mean, if you're the real adventure lover, this Honda Crossrunner will be great for you, the strong engine and awesome design produced a high class of adventure motorcycle.


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