Saturday, 13 November 2010

Honda Crossrunner - 2011 Honda Motorcycles

Honda Crossrunner come to Milan, yeah Honda has presented The Honda Crossrunner at Milan Motorcycles Show on November 2010. So.. let see what is "Honda Crossrunner"? Truly, this bike is new species.. it's fusion model between street fighter design with touring motorcycles.

Honda Crossrunner
Here is the important thing about 2011 Honda Crossrunner
1. Engine from Honda VFR 800
2. Engine Displacement 782cc
3. Power 105 hp and torque 73 Nm.
Honda Crossrunner white
Truly, The Honda Crossrunner design is very futuristic, i don't know why but i like this motorcycles and one of the cool motorcycles from 2011 Honda line-up.. one of the best design. You can see that Crossrunner is not street fighter bike, not sport fairing bike and also not touring bike.. it's combination from all !!. So guys.. if you want to try a different and cool motorcycles, The 2011 Honda Crossrunner is one of the best choice..


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