Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Aprilia Accessories : The Airbag Jacket

Are you looking for Aprilia Accessories ? Here is one of them from Aprilia motorcycles accessories, it's Aprilia Jacket and called "The Airbag Jacket". I just want to remember you that safety riding is more important than everything, it's all about you safety and of course about you life. Today, Aprilia presented the The airbag jacket and it's look great for complete your gears, and it's all about "safety with style", Check this out the pics from Aprilia official website.
Aprilia Jacket Airbag
The Airbag Jacket Aprilia front side
The Airbag Jacket Aprilia back side
The Airbag Jacket Aprilia back side

Here is more information about this Aprilia Accessories product and taken from Aprilia official website, check this out...
"The Airbag jacket is a new, innovative and vital technical safety garment. The new jacket features an inflatable backrest offering complete neck, spine and sacrum area protection as well as a set of shoulder and elbow protectors, and comes with the style and livery of the Aprilia brand"
"The Airbag Jacket has been created in the interest of rider safety; it is a garment ensuring total protection of the parts of the body most at risk when riding a two-wheeler. In the event of an accident, the airbag incorporated in the back of the jacket activates and inflates in just 80-85 milliseconds to ensure instantaneous protection for the spine.

The Airbag Jackets by Aprilia is stylish, classy and sporty on the outside while concealing a simple and effective protection system within: a clip on the end of an elastic cable fastens the jacket to a belt (supplied together with the airbag system) attached to the motorcycle itself. If pulled forcefully - as would occur in the event of an accident - the cable activates a gas bottle contained in the back of the jacket. The CO2 released from the bottle fills the compartments in the garment, ensuring full protection for the rider in under a second.

Once the airbag system has been activated, the system may be recharged and the jacket used again. Once recharged, functionality of the back protection system is immediately restored and the rider may continue his or her journey"
- Quoted from Aprilia Official webstite -


Atif said...

these jacket are looking absolutely amazing.I really like by second one because this is according to new fashion and lovely.

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Edward Gen said...

This article is fantastic. I need more articles on the same topic. When will you write more on this topic?

Admin said...

See more soon dude and thanks for commented..

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