Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sleepy? Don't try to Ride a Motorcycles !

We must always be carefully when riding a motorcycle, a few months ago, my father had an accident, what causes it? sleepy, yeah accident cause a simple reason. If we look in to this problem, in fact this is a small problem ,but if we are not careful, this is one cause of dangerous accidents. Fortunately, my father did not experience severe injuries, only some parts of the body that abrasions, what about the state of his motorcycle? well quite severe, the fairing and the front of the my father Honda motorcycles is crashed. In fact, sleepy is a common problem, if we often work until late at night, and in the morning, we will feel sleepy, well this is problem, whatever vehicle that we will drive, if we are sleepy, do not ever try to ride it, this is too dangerous for our safety. The key is Sleepy don't try to ride a motorcycles.
sleepy don't ride a motorcycles
This is one of many accident cause, sleepy is one of them, such as in my old post here listen to music when you riding, sleepy is not good situation if you want to get a ride with your motorcycles. So, after you know it, you should be more careful if you are sleepy, I say once again, do not ever ride a motorcycle!!, if you are sleepy, it's too dangerous, if only the damaged motorcycle this is no big deal, but for the safety motorcycles rider, it is too dangerous, we could have lost our lives!. Tips, if you feel sleepy, go to sleep a few minutes, or drink a cup of coffee, this will refresh your body. So be carefully guys.


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