Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bajaj Pulsar 250 : ready for battle in 250cc Class?

Is this the next Pulsar family? "Bajaj Pulsar 250" rumored will available this year (2011) and i thing this is the most awaiting 250cc motorcycles from Bajaj for battle with Honda CBR250R or also Kawasaki Ninja 250R. I know maybe it is too late to bring the Bajaj Pulsar 250 into the market, but never mind Bajaj always give more friendly prices for us right? and this is one of many reason why Bajaj Pulsar 250 waited by many of riders.

Pulsar 220 head lamp

Truly the battle of 250cc motorcycles has begin, Ninja 250, CBR250R, and Hyosung GTR 250 was released by their manufacture, so this is the best time for Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycles Company to make the new 250cc bike with good performance, friendly prices and don't forget give more beauty design !!, if I see the all Pulsar series, there are no full sporty fairing bike and no single shock breaker, and i don't like it, so if Bajaj Pulsar 250 really want to battle in 250cc class motorcycles, Pulsar 250 must have :

1. Full sporty fairing design
2. Single Shock breaker
3. Powerful engine with more than 25PS min

You can see the Bajaj Pulsar 220 series, this bike is very good with 21PS of maximum power, and completed with good features, but I don't like the half fairing design and there is no single shock breaker, if we talk about power and also performance, I trust Bajaj Pulsar family, but if we want to talk about design, well it's not perfect (based on my taste only). Bajaj Pulsar 250 needs a lot of change, you know what I mean's. Good luck for Bajaj and I want to see your 250cc bike with full fairing style.


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