Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Triumph Thunderbird - Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Thunderbird : You know, I like the Triumph motorcycles brand, i don't know why but Triumph is very nice looking motorcycles, today let see about Triumph Thunderbird. Thunderbird at the first time come with 500cc to 650cc and parallel twin engine, it' because America rider like this class engine capacity for better performance and more power than 500cc motorcycles, The Triumph Thunderbird also called Triumph 6T, maybe 6T it's 600cc ^_^. Thunderbird is 4-stroke motorcycles and 34 bhp @6300 of max power, well I thing it's good beginner class motorycles with more than 30HP of max power.
Triumph Thunderbird
2011 Triumph Thunderbird pic from Triumph Site
Triumph Thunderbird Specs (basic)
Manufacturer Triumph Engineering Co Ltd
Also called 6T, TR65
Production 1949–2010 / Twin 1949 1983 / Triple 1995 2003 / Twin 2009 ....
Predecessor Speed Twin
Engine Four-stroke Parallel-twin
Power 34 bhp (25 kW) at 6300 rpm
Transmission Four speed
Wheelbase 55 in (1397 mm)
Dimensions W 27.5 in (698.5 mm)
Seat height 31.5 in (800.1 mm)
Weight 385 lb (175 kg) (dry)
397 lb (180 kg) (wet)
Related Tiger T110
(specs from Wikipedia)

Today, we can found a lot of changed from Triumph Thunderbird motorcycles, for example for 1996 edition, we can see that the specs of Thunderbird is awesome chaged, 885 cc of engine capacity, 4 Stroke type, Liquid Cooled for cooling system, 4 valve, and Inline Parallel Triple !!. What about the power of this Triumph Thunderbird edition? well it's around 70 hp @8000 rpm of max power and 72 Nm @4800 rpm of max torque.

2011 Triumph Thunderbird is the new Thunderbird series, today, it's come with 1600cc 0f engine capacity, and yeah you're right, the name also called Triumph T-16, and again maybe it's 1600cc ^_^. Engine capacity and parallel twin engine of new Triumph Thunderbird produced best power and also performance with 85hp of max power !! if you want to try more powerful Triumph Thunderbird edition, you can get the 1700cc series, it's around 100Hp!!. That's all about Triumph Thunderbird motorcycles, I will talk more about this bike in the next time. Good luck guys and enjoy your ride.


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