Friday, 11 March 2011

Suzuki Savage - LS650 Suzuki cruiser bike

Here is one of Suzuki motorcycles line-up, it's Suzuki LS650 or usually just called Suzuki Savage. "Suzuki Savage" is not super cruiser bike with more than 1000cc of engine displacement not like Hayabusa, it's low to entry medium level motorcycles class. Suzuki Savage uses a single cylinder engine type, air-cooled and also uses air-cooled, it's very classical cruiser style from Suzuki. Suzuki Savage produced good performance and it's in the medium range of medium class motorcycles performance.
suzuki savage
I actually don't really know about Suzuki Savage, this motorcycle is less known in my country, I do not see many advantages of this motorcycle, it's just uses the standard engine, I think the ability of this bike is almost the same with the other motorcycles, usually, to increase performance, we usually will find DOCH engine on the bike today, but Suzuki savaga uses only SOCH, it's not bad but I will like more if it's come with DOCH engine.

Guys, if you need a low to medium class classic scruiser motorcycles type, the Suzuki Savage is one of the best "medium performance" motorcycles for you, of course if you're the Suzuki motorcycles lovers, it's one of the best bike for your touring party or something like that. Oh yeah, Today Suzuki Savage has changed and named Suzuki Boulevard S40. Thanks.


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