Wednesday, 30 March 2011

BMW HP2 Sport - Amazing !! High Performance from BMW Motorrad

It's time for serious class monster fast motorcycles, BMW HP2 Sport is one of the amazing motorcycles that created by BMW Motorrad, guys, BMW HP2 Sport produced a high performance engine, and it's one of the best bikes in my favorite sport motorcycles line-up. The amazing 133 HP @8,750 rpm of maximum power deliver a fast speed ridding experience, you can open your gas and feel the engine bring you to the real fast bike. Did you know? BMW HP2 Sport uses Quickshifter technology? it's mean you can easy and fast to change your transmission gear, it's faster gear changes without having to chop the throttle or use the clutch !!!! fantastic.
BMW HP2 Sport
BMW HP2 Sport info :
1. Double overhead camshafts, twin cylinder
2. Quickshifter Technology
3. Adjustable Ohlins Suspension on the front and rear
4. Brembo Brake
5. Lightweight Fairing with carbon fiber
6. 1,170 cc of engine capacity
7. Over 120 mph or 200 km/h of top speed !!
8. Seat height 32.7 in (830 mm)
9. Dry weight 392 lb (178 kg)

This BMW HP2 Sport series uses more than 1000cc of engine capacity, and I think it's not for beginner rider, the fast bike with power max around 130HP, BMW HP2 Sport deliver a fast acceleration and also good top speed for around 200Km/h, and yeah it's high performance from BMW Mottorad. Want to try it? be careful guys.. it's great fast performance bike. awesome!!


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