Sunday, 6 February 2011

Motorcycles and Moped Locks from grip-lock

Here is the important thing for our Motorcycles and Moped tools. I give you Motorcycles and Moped Locks from grip-lock, this is a great motorcycles lock for our ride and keep it save from theft. Guys.. motorcycle theft is a lot happening. We need a security tool for our motorcycle. Grip-Lock is one tool that can to prevent theft of motorcycles. This tool will make our motorcycle safety from theft. This product designed for moped locks and also for another motorcycles locks tools.
Moped Locks
I thing Grip-lock is great for Moped Locks tools, I know this can still use for another motorcycles series, but grip-locks looks perfect for moped locks safety tools.

Here is the key features from grip-locks for moped locks and other motorcycles locks tools
1. Highly visible
2. Compact
3. Laboratory developed and tested to resist extreme impact levels
4. Strong yet lightweight
5. Stops embarrassing falls - Unlike disc locks
6. Anti drill, anti pick lock barrel with 50,000 key combinations
for more detail of this product, you can go to

There is a lot of motorcycle locks product and series/type from many brands, and grip-lock is one of them. It's very unique, usually, motorcycles or moped locks used on the disk brakes or used alarm, but it's on grip gas. It's good innovation.


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