Saturday, 1 January 2011

Yamaha Bison the true stylish 150cc motorcycles - Yamaha Motorcylces

Yamaha Bison the true stylish 150cc motorcycles from Yamaha.. that's the fact !! Yamaha Bison is awesome !! I always more thinking about this bike, actually, but guys.. 150cc 4-stoke bike with no DOCH engine and just only below 20 HP of max power is not enough for me, but the Yamaha Bison or also called Yamaha FZ 16 style is more stylish than another bike. It's perfect for young people with high class of motorcycles sense.
yamaha bison
Today, Yamaha Bison is one of the best motorcycles design, of course it's just my opinion, but why can i say like that? It's because i always found information about Yamaha Bison on the road and also on the internet and motorcycles forums.
Yamaha Bison blue
You can see it that Yamaha Bison is the true stylish 150cc motorcycles..
Now, what about you? if you like the awesome motorcycles with 150cc of engine displacement with no fairing, you can try the Yamaha Bison, but if you like more than just only design, you can try another Yamaha motorcycles as like Yamaha R6 or another motorcycles brand, maybe 250cc motorcycles as like kawasaki ninja 250 ? but so far and i thing.. Yamaha Bison is perfect on design.. great job Yamaha..


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