Friday, 21 January 2011

Suzuki Boulevard - 2011 Boulevard S40

2011 Boulevard S40 series is one of many "Suzuki Boulevard" variant. This bike is awesome touring bikes with 652cc of engine capacity, with single-cylinder engine, 4-strokes. The 650cc motorcycles is medium class motorcycles, but it's enough for daily ride and touring time, the 2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40 design such as touring motor bikes. Another features of this Suzuki Boulevard series is TSCC (I never know this one)(Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers) cylinder head and also high mass crankshaft it's can make 2011 Boulevard S40 strong on low-end power and also torque.

2011 Boulevard also have a simple starter engine, there are electric starter with automatic decompression system provides quick, easy engine starting, well it's good features so far.

For safety riding, 2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40come with standard brakes system, yeah there are hydraulic front disc brake on the front side and just only drum-type (no disk brakes). It's not so special for me, the drum brakes system is not so familiar, maybe disk brakes on the rear side is not so important as like on the front side.. Who knows. On the tires size, 2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40uses 15" wide rear tire and slim 19" front tire Suzuki said that it's provides a classic cruiser look, yeah agree with this... There are racing wheel, there are only spoke wheel, this is mean 2011 Boulevard S40 is classical motorcycles style. Suzuki Boulevard come with 5-speed transmission, it's enough for me. Guys.. Suzuki for 2011 edition, Suzuki Boulevard S40 has 2 new colors, there are Pearl Mirage White/Metallic Veil Silver and also Metallic Fox Orange/Glass Sparkle Black. (reference:suzukicycles)
Suzuki Boulevard - 2011 Boulevard S40
Not all of people like super-sport motorcycles styles, 2011 Boulevard S40 come with touring and cruiser series, with 650cc of engine capacity, this bike has good features. Come with Suzuki Boulevard named, it's time for long trips and adventures.


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