Sunday, 2 January 2011

Kawasaki ninja 150 fairing? without fairing? RR VS R

This is the hard question for me, Kawasaki ninja 150 come with 2 variant, Ninja RR (fairing) and also Ninja R/L/M/N (without fairing). Today, I don't know why I always thingking about kawasaki ninja 150 series, i love kawasaki ninja rr with fairing added, but kawasaki ninja 150 r is more simple without fairing. The question is, which is better for me? so.. if you have much money, maybe Ninja RR and R can you bought all together ^_^..
kawasaki ninja rr
Kawasaki Ninja 150 fairing more expensive than Ninja 150 R series, yeah i know that it's because Kawasaki ninja rr have fairings on this motorbike, the advantages from Ninja RR series is looks appears and also design, it's full sportbike with race style, aerodynamic with wind shield can make your ninja 150 rr more fast and good for get top speed. in fact, Kawasaki ninja rr is perfect, with a cool appearance, this bike has turned into one of the best 2-stroke motor bike in 150cc class. I actually really like this bike, but in my opinion, for bikers, with the fairing on the kawasaki ninja 150 rr series, we would bother to take care of this bike, and of course we must open the fairing when we will to repair or to take care the engine on this bike.

Kawasaki ninja 150 R without fairing is awesome, with a cheaper price, this bike has good speed and acceleration, if compared with the ninja 150 kawasaki fairing, kawasaki ninja 150 r has a simpler design, lighter weight than the kawasaki ninja 150 rr makes this bike much easier to accelerate. if there is any problem on the engine, this bike is not difficult to open the fairing, with no fairing, Kawasaki model 150 was makes me really like the ninja 150 r / m / n / l. We will easily take care of our own motorcycles, we do not have to go to the kawasaki service center, and againn, without the fairing (as like Ninja RR)on the motor bike the motorcycle is perfect for motorcycle lovers who want to try the simple motorcycles, light, high performance, and easy to ride... here is the -> kawasaki ninja 150 price
so what about you guys?.. and have a nice day


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