Saturday, 1 January 2011

Harley Davidson Motorcycles in my opinion

Harley Davidson is one of the most popular motorcycles brand in USA and also in the world. You know that everyone with high class will know about this bike. Today, Harley Davidson still in the front of stylish motorcycles line-up. In my opinion, Harley Davidson is special motorcycles for special man, i mean, it's segmented motorcycles, okay, for example, today, young people always like full sport fairing motorcycles as like Yamaha R1, Honda CBR series and also Suzuki GSX-R variant, but not all of people like it, if I looks more closer, Harley Davidson is the perfect motorbike for touring and also for riding with long trips. It's like cruiser motorcycles.. hmm really? i don't know..

I found New 3 Harley Davidson bikes on HD motorcycles official website for 2011 line-up, here they are
1. Harley Davidson XR1200X
2. Harley Davidson SuperLow
3. Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra

Actually, there still available another Harley Davidson series, but on the front page of  Davidson official website, the 3 motorcycles was on the front so.. maybe it's the most popular Harley Davidson series.. but i don't know the right bikes for beginner rider who want to try HD motorcycles..

I want to know more about Harley Davidson motorcycles, so.. next time, I will write about HD motorcycles more than usually, it's very interesting for me as kawasaki ninja 250 blog owner and i love sport bikes series, so i want to try to like Harley Davidson ^_^. Guys.. if you're one of Harley Davidson motorcycles owner, you can share you experience with us here.. Tell me more about HD motorcycles advantages or disadvantages and also your tips and trick about Harley Davidson. Have a nice day..


Travis said...

I've had quite a few different bikes throughout my life. My very first bike was a 1979 Honda CB750F Supersport. I loved the high pitched scream of an angry air-cooled four cylinder so switching over to a 90° V-twin was quite a change. First noticeable difference is the low end torque and learning how the engine behaved around the horsepower climax at around 7k rpms, a stark difference from the Honda. But then again this machine isn't meant to compete with the Honda. I chose the 1200 Sportster Custom mostly because I tend to like the agility of the smaller bikes but wanted the versatility of a cruiser. The build quality of the bike was no different than any bike I've owned, or my friends have owned. As for customer service I have no complaints. Luckily for me my local dealership has a very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful maintenance staff. Rather fix your bike yourself? They sell repair manuals so you can do so. Any questions? Just ask and nine times out of ten they will take the time to answer you and help sort out whats confusing you. As for tuning and customization; the market for upgrading a harley is just as expansive as any import. Heck, there's even a company that offers a complete turbocharger kit for the 883 and 1200 sportster. My only complaint is that Harleys are rather expensive, whereas 60% of the price tag is emblazoned on the fuel tank. My sportster is much like my late honda, kawasaki, and Truimph. Good friends who gave me good memories on the road throughout the chapters of my life. Although pricey the lot of them, still worth every penny in hindsight no matter the brand.

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