Sunday, 9 January 2011

CBR 600 FX series - Honda Motorcycles

CBR 600 FX series is one of another name of Honda CBR 600 variant, as like CBR 600 FX, and we know that the CBR 600 have more than one name, they are Hurricane, F2, F3, H4 and CBR RR.If you never know about your CBR 600 series, you can check this CBR 600 FX Specs, maybe it's your CBR series. I can't find about Honda CBR 600 FX at Honda motorcycles official website so.. here come from another motorcycles site information..

CBR 600 FX

CBR 600 FX Engine Specs :
Type Liquid Cooled 4 Stroke DOHC Four
Bore x Stroke 67.0 x 42.5mm
Displacement 599 cc
Firing Order 1 - 2 -4 -3
Starting Electrostarter
Carburation Keihin
Fuel Minimum Octane Rating 92
Clutch Type Wet multi-plate type
Sprocket front 14
Sprocket rear 45
Chain type 525
Chain Number of Links 108
Wet Weight 205kg
Fuel Capacity 18l
Reserve Fuel Capacity 3l
Front Twin Disc
Front Disc Size 296 mm
Front-Pistons-per-caliper 4
Rear Disc
Rear Disc Size 220 mm
Rear-Pistons-per-caliper 1
Brake fluid DOT4 or better
Front 120/70-ZR17 Tubeless
Rear 180/55-ZR17 Tubeless
Voltage 12v
Main Fuse 30A
Spark Plugs NGK CR9EH-9
Bulb-Headlight Single H4 w/ low/hi beam
Battery 8Ah
(pics courtesy
Honda CBR 600 FX
I don't know what's deference between CBR 600 other to other.., but if I looks in to all CBR 600 varinat. Honda CBR 600 FX is another name only, the "CBR 600 FX" series still used almost 600cc of engine capacity (599cc actually), DOCH, great power and performance, once again, you can see at CBR FX image, there is CBR name on the front fairing.. nice yeah? okay guys.. that's all for CBR 600 FX.. hope you like it and know more about CBR 600 FX series.. good luck and have a nice day..


Anonymous said...

I love to blog sports bike information so I reposted your posts to my blog. But of all the bikes, I have reviewed, I love this the most. IDK why, I just hate 1000cc bikes. LOL..
Check this out,

Admin said...

Okay that's no problem, but you should better create more original post right? by the way, the 1000cc bikes has been made for advance motorcycles riders who need more than a "iron horse" label, 1000cc looks perfect for speed freaks, the 600cc power and performance looks more than enough for riding everyday.

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