Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What a motorcycle which is suitable for me?

Yeah.. that is a popular question for all new motorcycles buyer, "What a motorcycle which is suitable for me?" a few years ago, when I want buy a motorcycle, I'm confused, what motor bike that is right for me, we know, a lot of choice motorcycles and available on the market, but we do not get wrong, we do not choose the wrong motor bike / motorcycles, you should to know, not all the motorbike is good for us. For example, if you have a short stature, do not select a seat of a motorcycle is too high, this will make us difficult to control our motorcycle, when the motorcycles stops, We should be able to handle a heavy motorcycles by using our feet, if your motorcycle is too high, then, you will have difficulty holding heavy motorcycle, and you can fall from a motorcycle.. don't do that

then what is right for me?
Note for your question "What a motorcycle which is suitable for me?"
- Motorcycles seat hight
- Your height
- Motorcycle weight
- The price of motorcycle
- Service center
- Insurance
- Motorcycle club (it's good for sharing)
- Motorcycles Dealer (near with your home)

Okay.. that's all, for example, if you are a teen, you can try a beginner motorcycles as like kawasaki ninja 250 series, this bike was popular for beginner rider, or you can try aprilia rs125, Honda CBR125 or Honda CBR150R. Okay good luck with your new motorbike !!


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