Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Honda 250cc Motorcycles, CBR250 and Honda Rebel

A lot of 250cc motorcycles variant, now talking from Honda, Honda cbr250r and also Honda rebel 250. The latest 250cc motorcycles from Honda is Honda CBR250R, this bike was released a few month ago in Thailand, the sport full fairing concept motorcycles, CBR250R is very nice.. after a long-long time waiting, the cbr lover will get this bike soon. Honda Rebel 250 is another one, come with stylish bike, this comfortable 250cc motorcycles is not for me, i mean i'm not the cruiser motorcycles fans..
honda cbr250r
So.. it's defending of your need !!
Honda CBR250R come with full sport bike, DOCH engine, great breaking motorcycles system, perfect for riding in the city. The Honda Rebel 250cc is another choice for touring, the powerfull beginner bike for Honda fans...

If you are the Honda 250cc motorcycles hunter, you can choice one of them, this is my opinion only guys.. The Honda CBR250R is fresh !! try it, oh yeah.. Honda Motorcycles will bring the Honda CBR250R in 22 countries, the bike will showing at motorcycles show.. Thailand was released this bike as Europe and Asia will bring as soon as possible.. so please be patient..
So.. what about you? Honda CBR250R or Honda Rebel 250?.. please be the smart buyer !! please choice with your needs for 250cc motorcycles !!.. good luck dude..


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