Friday, 13 August 2010

Yamaha Finally opened bookings for Yamaha Byson !!

Yamaha Motorcycles : after a long long time wait, Yamaha Finally opened bookings for Yamaha Byson or Yamaha FZ-16 !! Yamaha Byson is the new sport bike from Yamaha Motorcycles for Asia and specially for Indonesia. A few Day ago, Honda has released the New Honda Mega Pro, it's the great thing from Yamaha Motorcycles, because Yamaha must have a good strategy for battle with new Honda Motorcycles there is New Honda Mega Pro !! okay back to Yamaha Byson or Yamaha FZ16 in India, this bike powered with only 150CC of engine displacement, no DOCH technology and also no Injection system.

Yamaha Byson
What about Yamaha Byson price? Yamaha Motorcycles team still discuss this thing, they will released the Yamaha Byson Price next week. But.. i thing The New Yamaha Byson Motorcycles price estimated will be under Yamaha V-Xion Prices.If you love this street fighter Motorcycles, you can start booking Yamaha Byson now. Guys..  I thing this is the right time for Yamaha to release the Yamaha Byson.

Honda Team Marketing have a good strategy, Honda less talk but do more.. yeah i love it, Yamaha Byson is too long to wait, i thing this is the wrong strategy from Yamaha, you can see, Honda is more fast respon to the market, Yamaha has lost a great moment for Yamaha Byson, i feel that !! another example is Kawasaki as like for their new product Kawasaki Ninja 400R. i don't like to waiting so long for Yamaha Byson, but okay.. Yamaha Finally opened bookings for Yamaha Byson !!


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