Thursday, 26 August 2010

Yamaha Bison, will be successful in the market?

Thing about it "'Yamaha Bison' will be successful in the market?". Yamaha is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, A few weeks ago, Yamaha Bison is one of Yamaha products and now already present in Indonesia market, however, whether the Yamaha bison will be really successful? Yamaha marketing team must be clever set the strategy, people in Indonesia have different desires with other countries. with the presence of Yamaha Bison 2010, bikers in Indonesia have more choice, introduction of Yamaha Bison that almost simultaneously with the New Honda Mega Pro, one of challenge for Yamaha Bison marketing team to compete with new mega pro from Honda motor
Yamaha Bison
in fact, bison yamaha or some people called Yamaha Byson motor has many advantages, with a very sturdy design, this bike is suitable for men. using big tires and wide wheels, Yamaha Bison display and appear more stout. in fact, bison motors can be one of the best motorcycle for a man, if we see, the 150cc is enough to satisfy the desire of bikers. Now the problem is whether the yamaha can make this motorcycle known in the community, whether the bison will be successful yamaha sales and compete with the new mega-pro? Price of Yamaha Bison and Honda Mega Pro is almost same.. so it's defending the marketing to promotion their product

Yamaha should be able to regulate the marketing strategy, Yamaha Bison and  Yamaha Vixion must be united and be a good team that can dominate the market for motor sport in the state target. we should be able to see the reality, although the yamaha has a good motorcycle, but if the marketing and advertising less, then the sale of yamaha bison would be less than the maximum .. so, we have seen together, will yamaha can set a good strategy?


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