Thursday, 29 July 2010

Honda Tiger Revo - Honda Cruiser Motorcycle

Honda Tiger Revo is name of Honda 200CC Motorcycles, with 196,9 cc of real engine displacement. Honda Tiger Revo is new variant of "Honda Tiger", it's the new series with new head lamp design.

Honda Tiger Revo
What about Honda Tiger Revo performance? This bike is a middle class of Honda Motorcycles, yeah it's more cheap than Honda CBR 150 DOCH technology, Honda Tiger Revo have Max power 17,4 PS / 8.500 RPM and max torque 1,62 kgf.m / 6.500 RPM with 6 speed.
Honda Tiger Revo 2009

People who like a "big design" of motorcycles likes this bike, yeah The Honda Tiger Revo is perfect for big Man, i mean this bike is not perfect for thin Man or for young people, of course it's just my opinion, but truly i like the Honda Tiger Revo design, but wait, why Honda not make this bike with Monoshock system? i think it's the best thing that can Honda must change for Honda Tiger revo. So far.. This bike still the best from Honda Cruiser in some country as like in Asia area..


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