Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Honda Shadow from Honda Motorcycles

Did you know Honda Shadow Series? "Honda Shadow" is one of many Series from Honda Motorcycles. Honda Shadow is a cruiser-type motorcycle, it's very comfortable to ride, if you like touring, This Honda Series can be the one of many choice for you. Honda Shadow variant as like Honda Shadow Aero, Honda Sabre, VLX and many more. i found the great history of Honda Shadow below.. check this out.

(Wikipedia)The Honda Shadow refers to a family of motorcycles made by Honda since 1983. This Honda is a cruiser-type motorcycle, meaning it has a relaxed, feet-forward riding position and wide handlebars. This makes it more comfortable than a sportbike, although the lack of fairings means that the rider is exposed more to the wind. The Shadow cruisers come in many flavours, including the Spirit, Aero, Sabre, VLX, and American Classic Edition. Engine sizes range from 125cc to 1100cc. A characteristic engine for the Shadow motorcycle is an 750cc liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin. The Shadow is available in several sizes, ranging from the leaner 125cc model to a much larger 1100cc (as the 1300cc-to-1800cc Honda VTX Series does not share the Shadow name). All Shadow cruisers are equipped with V-twin engines. (pic and source from wikipedia)
I will post many information for Honda Shadow lover in the next time.. have fun guys.. ^_^


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